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Prioritizing Hygiene: Our Commitment to Your Health and Safety

**A Clean and Delicious Experience: Hygiene Measures at Waffle and Cones**

At Waffle and Cones, we understand that a delightful dessert experience goes hand in hand with impeccable hygiene. Your health and safety, along with your taste buds, are our top priorities. As you step into our world of sweet indulgence, rest assured that we’ve taken extensive measures to ensure a clean and secure environment.

In the light of recent events, we’ve elevated our hygiene practices to exceed industry standards. Our store undergoes thorough cleaning and disinfection daily, paying special attention to high-touch surfaces like tables, chairs, and serving counters. This ensures that every inch of our space is as clean as it is inviting.

Our staff members are dedicated to upholding these hygiene protocols diligently. You’ll be served by professionals wearing masks and gloves, all aimed at minimizing contact and maintaining the utmost cleanliness. Hand sanitizing stations are strategically placed for your convenience, encouraging everyone to practice optimal hand hygiene.

From our freshly baked waffles to our delectable ice creams, every product at Waffle and Cones meets stringent quality and sanitation checks. We’re committed to delivering not only the flavors you love but also the safety you deserve.

To enhance your experience, we’ve reconfigured our seating arrangements to ensure social distancing without compromising your comfort. Whether you’re enjoying your treat in-store or taking it to go, your safety remains our priority.

Waffle and Cones believes that a commitment to hygiene is a responsibility to our community. We’re dedicated to providing you with not just a delightful dessert, but also a peace of mind. Your trust in us is the cornerstone of our efforts, and we promise to uphold it with every scoop and every bite.

Thank you for being a part of the Waffle and Cones family. As we continue crafting moments of joy, know that your health and safety are the driving forces behind everything we do. Visit us today for a worry-free, delectable experience that’s as clean as it is delicious.

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